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First Post - BuzzTown Digital Marketing

Ok, so here is the first post. Let’s get this over with so that we can move on to some exciting topics. Here at BuzzTown Digital Marketing, we will be bringing tips and advise on making your digital presence (SEO, website, social media, email, etc) much more effective. We hope to form a community of professionals, discussing these topics and helping others to see the light of Inbound Marketing. We love Inbound Marketing and have for several years. We think that many others will love it too, once they realize how powerful and less expensive it can be, compared to interrupting ads, spam email, and meaningless social media updates that are being posted because someone once told the owner that they had to post occasionally.

If you are someone that has discovered and embraced Inbound Marketing, you know that it isn’t something that you just ask the intern to do during their last 5 minutes of the work day. It takes time and commitment (and yes, money if you need to hire writers) to keep it up. But, Google and others will love you a wee bit more and more, every day that you do keep it up.

We also hope to present these posts with a bit of humor. As proven by many Superbowl ads, humor can help to make things more memorable. We want you to be able to remember what you read here so that it can help you later on. Plus, we have read so many blog posts on a particular topic that we love, but it was so dry and boring that we ended up scanning it for a crumb of useful information. If just a tad of humor can help to read it through to the end, then it is totally worth it.

So, thanks for reading this and we hope to bring you great posts about topics that will help your business succeed.

Langdon Siggelkow (rhymes with Giggle Show) is the Founder and Mayor of BuzzTown. A website designer and developer since 1996, Langdon has no problem typing this in the third person so that it seems like someone else is saying great things about him. He was a working Stand Up Comedian for several years and wants to add humor to discussions on creative inbound marketing strategies. Langdon has spoken at several events about using Social Media, Inbound Marketing, and creative ways to be memorable. Connect with Langdon on LinkedIn

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