It’s that phone call that no one wants to get. Out of the blue, someone that you barely even remember meeting after a long night on the town, calls to tell you those 5 dreaded words: “You need to get tested.” Your heart sinks and you start to panic. You think aloud, “What am I […]

First, let me start out by giving a big F U to hackers. Damn it, they suck. They have made my life (and the lives of many programmers, web developers, etc) incredibly difficult, throughout my career. Ok, whew, I feel better. Second, there are a lot of ways to hack into a website. I realize […]

First, congrats on the new site! It looks really great. I love the way that the one thing looks on that one page. Yeah, great work. So, now what? What are you going to do to get the word out about this brilliant masterpiece? What’s the next step after taking down that Coming Soon page? […]