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Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Anayltics and detailed reports are imperative to a healthy and successful digital marketing campaign.

Complete Campaign Analysis

We love to show off what we can do for companies and brands. The best way to do this is through hard data, presented in a way that can be understood by all to show increases in traffic, engagement, leads, sales, and ROI across all marketing efforts.

In order to know how well your marketing campaigns are doing, you could go down three possible roads.  The first involves a weird person that carries around a magical crystal ball who tells you that your site is doing well based on what a magic mirror told them the night before. The second is using analytics and attempting to delve deep into the numbers and data yourself, only to emerge with the same look on your face after the first time you tried a raw oyster.  The third is to let us dive in head first and interpret the numbers for you, putting it all into a monthly report that is easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Using a wide range of tools, resources, techniques, and nerd knowledge, we work hard to establish goals and objectives surrounding the digital activity of our clients. To truly know what is working well in each channel of every campaign, we compile all of the stats from the website, email campaigns, social media, pay-per-click, and other services, and then report on what is working, what isn't, and why. Relying on a counter at the bottom of the home page to know the amount of traffic your site is receiving is like counting the bugs on your windshield to determine how fast your car is traveling. It isn't very accurate, it doesn't look good, and you're just grossing the kids out. Allow a team of professionals to accurately determine what your customers like, what they want, and why.

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