White Label SEO and Digital Marketing

If you are a web design firm, a PR agency, or any other service that would like to offer inbound marketing services such as SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, or reputation management, you can now do so without having to hire your own staff.

White Label Digital Marketing allows web development shops, PR agencies, and even outsourced sales firms to expand the services that they offer to their clients. Instead of just offering a website, you could now offer a full suite of online marketing services through BuzzTown Digital Marketing. This will raise your profile, boost revenue, and make your business much more attractive to potential clients.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

So, how does white label marketing work?

We can take care of everything. We speak to your clients either through you, or to them directly, creating a custom proposal and contract with your logo on all paperwork, never mentioning BuzzTown Marketing. You will know what we will charge for our services, and you can then charge your clients any price that you would like. The difference of your price and our price will be pure profit for your company. Many clients start off with a minimal amount of services, but once they see how our work increases traffic, likes, leads, and sales, most will ask to increase our services, bringing in even more revenue for you.

You began your firm/agency to do what you love.  You can now increase your services while staying focused on the services that you know best.  We will provide you and your clients (if you choose to offer this) monthly reports showcasing the increases in traffic to the website, social media users, email click through rates, and any other metrics that you and your clients would be interested in. BuzzTown Digital Marketing takes care of everything from content creation, to ad placement, to even responding to customer questions through social media. It's never been easier to expand what your business offers.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

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